Wichita's Favorite Pumpkin Patch-Weekend Fun Things to Do!

Your Pumpkin Patch General Admission ticket will provide lots of great activities for the whole family. In addition, we've added many other fun rides and attractions from which your family can choose for added fun. The farm is located approximately 30 minutes northeast of Wichita, Kansas.

PumpGun Cannon

Ever have the urge to see a pumpkin whirling through the air! Head over to the PumpGun Cannon to get your recommended daily serving of flying produce!

Jumping Pillows

While you are here, be sure to check out our Two Giant (and we mean HUGE!) jumping pillows!

Human Gerbil Wheel

Need a fast way to tire out the kids before you head to the Pumpkin Pantry for lunch?

Try our Human Gerbil Wheel! Let the kids run their little hearts out or see who can get the wheel spinning the fastest!

Carroll's Corn Crib

There's nothing like making snow angels in a whole crib full of corn kernels.

Stop by and spend some time in our farm's version of a ball pit!

Pedal Boats

Slip into one of our pedal boats and cruise around the pond.

This family fun activity is always a favorite and is a great way to tire out the kids!

Farm Scene Investigation

Romp through the corn to find who, what, and where to solve the mystery of cornnapped Farmer Joe.

See who can solve this mystery first and save Farmer Joe from a corny demise!

Graveyard Golf

Putt your way through our oversized, spooky golf course!

This activity is free with admission on weekends!

Horse Walker

Take a ride on the tamest "horses" around!

These fun and funky seats are sure to put a grin on your kids' faces!

Becky's Bakery
& Mud Pies

Are you a chef at heart? Becky's Bakery could use a few (muddy) hands in the kitchen this fall season!

Gerbil Wheel

Can you run as fast as a mouse? Try your hand at a human size gerbil wheel!

Pumpkinland Game

More information coming soon!

Play Areas

More information coming soon!

Pumpkin Cannon

Watch as we shoot a pumpkin sky high with our huge cannon!

- Walters' Farm Pay to Play -

Additional Fee Activities

Punkin Chunkin

What a slingshot!! You can really send these small pumpkins sailing through the air, and then watch them smash!

You get 3 small pumpkins for $1 for ammunition.


This fun ride has some special changes to it. It's the fastest way to get from one side of the farm to the other! Ask about the price when you come.

$3 per person.

Gem Mining

See the excitement in the eyes of the miner as they discover their new found treasure.

Everyone finds gems and interesting fossils.

See stand for details

Barrel Train

Load up at the Station, get your train whistle, and ride the Walter's Express.

Barrel Train $2 per person

Walters' Express

All aboard our farm-tastic twist on an old fashioned train! This unique expedition is one of the best ways to get a quick tour of the farm!

$3.00 per person.

Duck Races

Buy the rubber ducky of your choice and race all day against family members and friends.

$2.00 per duck.

Hi Striker

Test your strength in this game of skill! $1.00 for 3 Swings.

Flashlight Maze

Explore our Corn Maze by flashlight on Friday and Saturday nights, for a nighttime admission fee of $8.00.

Bring your own flashlights!

Haunted Cannery

For the bravest of teens and adults, we provide a very scary nighttime excursion
—the Haunted Cannery.

This attraction is not for small children. Open only on the following days from 7:30 to 11:30 p.m.

Oct 16th & 17th
Oct 23rd & 24th
Oct 30th & 31st

Admission is $20 per person.
$25.00 for Haunted Cannery and Flashlight Maze Combo.

Bring a canned donation for the Salvation Army Food Bank and Receive $1.00 OFF
your Haunted Cannery Admission!
**donation required for each person in order to get the discount.