Admission Fees

Our fee structure allows people to pay only for the activities they come to enjoy.

Pumpkin Patch General Admission

2017 Season Pass, Only $26 per person. Unlimited Admission for the entire year! (Does not include Flashlight Maze, Haunted Cannery, or Extra Pay to Play activities.)


Admission is $10
Please note: Pay to Play attractions are not open on these weekdays.

Mon, Tues, & Wed Admission is $7
from 3-7 p.m. only



Base Admission: $13.00

Good Value: $20.00
Includes admission & $10 in tokens

Better Value: $23.00
Includes admission & $15 in tokens

Best Value: $26.00
Includes admission & $20 in tokens

Additional tokens can be purchased for additional activities throughout the farm.

The Walters' Farm, in El Dorado, near Wichita, Kansas is full of great activities and photo opportunities!General Admission Includes:

  • Corn Maze (Daytime only)
  • New-Shoot Tennis Balls with our Pumpkin Artillery
  • Hayride and Access to the Pumpkin Patch
  • 2 Giant Jumping Pillows
  • O'Play Barn & Farm Animals
  • "Kid-Fashioned" Fun Pumpkin Patch Play Area
  • O'Play Corral
  • Pumpkin Perpetrators Stockades
  • Bag Swings
  • Mountain Boo Underground Slide
  • Hay Bales to Climb
  • Carroll's Corn Crib
  • Straw Piles for Jumping
  • The "No Left Turn" Maze
  • Tree House Play Area
  • Horse Walker with Swings
  • Corn Bin
  • Pedal Boats
  • Trike Track
  • Culvert Swing
  • New Play Area
  • Pumpkinland Game
  • Picnic Areas and Pavilion
  • Below Activities NOT included & are available weekends only
Additional Cost Pay to Play Activities:

The following activities are available weekends only.

Hi Striker

$1.00 for 3 Strikes


$3.00 per person

Punkin Chunkin'

3 Pumpkins for $1.00
(slingshot ammunition)

Barrel Train

$2.00 per person

Mining for Gems

See stand for details

Duck Races

$2.00 per person

Walters' Express

$3.00 per person

Pumpkin Artillery Cannon

$1.00 per shot or 5 shots/$3.00

Nighttime Activities

Pumpkin Patch Closes at 7:00 for Nighttime Activities.

Night time activities are by seperate admission only.

Flashlight Maze

$10.00 per person

Fri. and Sat. nights only
7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Haunted Cannery

$20.00 per person

Includes hayride to the Haunted Cannery.

Nighttime Combo

Or, Choose the Combo Pack to Enjoy both Haunted Cannery and Flashlight Maze for only $30.00!

RIP Tickets

Take a thrilling ride in out to the Asylum via our ambulance and experience a few other hair-raising moments from the Haunted Cannery for only $40.00.

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