Visit the Haunted Cannery at Walters Pumpkin Patch in Burns, Kansas--if you dare!

"The Haunted Cannery"-
A Wichita Favorite!

Your adventure starts on an open haywagon as it slowly lurches across the rutted fields, then turns the corner into the menacing, pitch black woods.

As you cross the creaky bridge and over the bottomless chasm of tormented victims, your thoughts will be on turning back.

But it's too late. Much too late.

The wagon stops. The driver disappears.

Your only hope is to search for help in the abandoned cannery.


Haunting sights and sounds will reach out from every direction. Your throat will tighten. You'll want to scream. Ah, but perhaps you are screaming, and no one hears.

A spooky set of ghouls on the prowl at Walter's Haunted Cannery at Walter's Pumpkin Patch in Burns, Kansas.The cannery machinery is running. What could they be canning at this late hour?!


The Haunted Cannery opens Oct. 4, and is open Friday and Saturday evenings from 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm through October 26. Admission is $15.00 per person, or $14 if you bring a canned donation for the Food Bank. Or buy a combo pack that includes the Haunted Cannery and the Flashlight Maze for only $20. The farm is located only 30 minutes northeast of Wichita, in Burns, Kansas.
Come. Take a ride with us. If you dare!!